Wednesday, June 19

How to Make Hight Quality Backlinks

When it comes to improving your search engine rankings, backlinks are one of the most essential elements you can do. They make all the difference in getting your website onto page one of Google and increasing traffic. Unfortunately, creating quality backlinks can be challenging and time-consuming.

Making high quality backlinks requires having a proven strategy and dedicating to creating content other bloggers in your industry will want to link to. While it may take some time to perfect this strategy, once you do, the rewards will be tremendous!

Creating a Resource Page

Having a resource page is another way to increase your domain authority and earn links. These pages should contain resources related to your niche, helping readers build trust with you.

These can come in the form of a free ebook, resource guide or even video series. Having such a page will make it simpler for you to earn backlinks from other websites with similar content.


Infographics are visually-rich, easily digestible pieces of content that are highly shareable. They can easily be created using free tools like Canva or PiktoChart and provide an effective way to increase your website’s visibility as well as acquire high-quality backlinks.

Writing Guest Posts

Guest posting for an established blog in your industry is a great way to gain backlinks from sites with similar readership and target audience as yours. Reach out via email to the site owner and propose relevant content that they might consider for a guest post.

If a guest blogger accepts, you can send them a link to your content along with a brief bio about yourself. In exchange, they will promote it on their website and social media channels.

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Give a Testimonial

Every brand loves customer testimonials. If you can craft an impressive one for a product that you frequently use, you’ll likely earn plenty of backlinks in the process.

Leaving Comments on Other Blogs

Blog commenting is an excellent way to generate high-quality backlinks. If you leave a genuine and thoughtful statement, the other blog owner is likely to appreciate your effort and link back to your website as a result.

The great thing about backlinks is that they won’t get penalized by search engines. These links act as endorsements of your content and help build credibility with search engines.

Creating a Video Tutorial

A video tutorial on a topic covered on your blog can be an effective tool for generating high quality backlinks. You can create the video and upload it onto YouTube or upload it directly onto your site to gain many views and links back.

Developing a Badge for Other Companies

Awarding other companies with badges as recognition for their position or performance is another effective strategy to earn backlinks. This could involve creating an easy-to-use tool like a cost calculator that would benefit those within your company, or offering them free versions of commercial apps.